A look back at our Agroecology Study Day of the 29th of June

Actu de l'Iram

On Thursday the 29th of June 2023, Iram held its 2023 Study Day at the Pavillon de l'Eau, in Paris, on the theme: Agro-ecological transitions: challenges and conditions for support. The day focused on experiences of agro-ecological transitions in the Souths.

Iram's approach is firmly rooted in some of the basic principles of agroecology. Indeed food sovereignty, the promotion of local practices and know-how, the participation and inclusion of vulnerable groups in the decision-making process, and the territorial approach to agricultural development have always been at the heart of our work.

Whether at plot and landscape level, at “meso” level or at institutional level, these interventions raise numerous questions about how to support agroecological transitions in the Souths and how to contribute positively to existing stakeholders dynamics (agropastoralists, advisory and training structures, political decision-makers, etc.).

How to put agroecology concepts into practice and operationalise the transition in the various agroecosystems?

What are the identified issues, and what are the ways for transitions to be supported in different agroecosystems?

What role(s) can the various stakeholders play in agroecological transitions in the Souths, and at what level(s) or scale(s)?

The 2023 study day provided an opportunity to explore these issues in greater depth, drawing on the lessons learned from various development initiatives and putting them up for discussion with actors from a variety of backgrounds: researchers, development operators, civil society, public administrations, technical and financial partners, etc.

After an initial discussion and overview of the concepts of agroecology and their development, concrete examples of agroecological transitions in agroecosystems in developing countries were examined. Iram's field experience was discussed alongside that of other players. Finaly, exchanges  focused on the strategies and methods for supporting the agroecological transition through appropriate public policies, in a context of coexisting agricultural development models.

The 2023 Study Day website contains all the information about the Day (programme, background note, speakers, timetable, etc.).

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