Iram association

Iram Association entered the field of international cooperation in 1957 and has since undertaken numerous actions to support sustainable human development and reduce social inequalities. Following the creation of its commercial arm, Iram Development, in 2000 the Association structured its efforts to create a fairer world around three types of activity.

Supporting organisations in developing countries

Iram works with organisations in the South through its research and development projects and programmes, providing support for microfinance institutions, professional agricultural organisations, civil society organisations, local authorities and other bodies.

In most cases, the partnerships established with these organisations continue after the initial project has ended, with support for strategic thinking, obtaining funding, participation in their governance bodies and so forth ...

Developing and sharing lessons learned in the field

The lessons and outcomes of field activities undertaken by the association and commercial company enable Iram to improve its actions and adapt to new contexts and development issues.

Information is developed and disseminated at annual study days and through the production and publication of articles and studies. These activities are undertaken in partnership with other structures, particularly the Groupe Initiatives, of which Iram is a member.

Participation in thematic networks and lobbying activities

The results and lessons learned in the field also enable the association to feed into reflection by organisational networks and collectives, especially the groups to which it belongs:

Iram association

  • 95 full members
  • A ten-member Board of Directors
  • A Council for Strategic Analysis composed of Iram Association members and close associates
  • A budget of €1,2 million in 2020