Iram publishes an article on the life paths of young rural people

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Issue 84 of Inter-réseaux Développement rural's « Grain de sel » magazine has just been published. Produced in partnership with the international network Formation Agricole et Rurale (FAR -Agricultural and Rural Training), it explores the issues related to the development of agricultural and rural training systems in West and Central Africa and Madagascar.

Iram was part of the editorial committee for this issue and produced an article on the « imaginations and life paths of young rural people ». This article was co-written by Cécile Patat, Iram's programme officer specialising in the training and integration of young people, Loïc Barbedette, a sociologist who has been working with farmers' and stockbreeders' organisations in several West African countries since 1982, and Imelda Agondanou, Roppa's programme officer.

What are the aspirations and dreams of young rural people? How are their life paths shaped, and what lessons can we learn from them? In an attempt to respond to these key questions, this article sets out to deconstruct preconceived ideas about young people in rural areas, and thus contribute to a better understanding of the issues involved in their social integration.

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