Seminars and conferences

In the six decades since its creation, Iram has played an active role in producing and sharing knowledge acquired through practical experience via study days, publications, capitalisation, workshops, etc., and has gained a reputation for organising seminars and conferences.

Organising seminars/conferences that give stakeholders a voice

With its multi-disciplinary team and long experience organising thematic study days on its various interventions, Iram is well-equipped to arrange seminars and conferences that provide ongoing forums for topical discussions. The institute works with each event organiser, building on their initial ideas and needs so that they can determine how best to analyse the chosen theme and context and ensure that their seminar/conference achieves its objectives.

Recent examples of seminars organised by Iram include:

  • ‘What public policies are needed to support innovation in rural areas of the Mediterranean?’
  • Support running a seminar on economic development in rural areas, Cameroon, 15th - 18th April 2013. AFD and PNDP (Partenariat National pour le Développement Participatif- Cameroon).


Iram assists event organisers with every aspect of preparing and running their seminar/conference and developing its outcomes:

  • Technical preparations: identifying topics for discussion, conducting exploratory literature reviews, drafting concept notes;
  • Identifying contributors and guidelines for interventions;
  • Preparing the brief: gathering texts and articles published by contributors, drawing up a programme;
  • Running the seminar/conference and taking notes on proceedings;
  • Developing the outcomes of the event: producing, editing and disseminating written records of the proceedings;
  • Organising the logistics and communications associated with the event.

Every event is tailored to the needs of its instigator. Iram works with each organiser, providing practical and conceptual support and a fresh approach to development themes that places particular emphasis on developing and disseminating the outcomes of the seminar or conference.