Development actions

Iram has always focused on long-term development interventions, responding to requests from technical and financial partners and implementing its own initiatives.

Combining technical expertise with rigorous project management

Iram only assumes responsibility for project implementation when it is satisfied that the expected outcomes of the intervention are relevant, realistic and consistent with its mandate and modes of intervention.

The institute ensures that projects and programmes have long-term and periodic support from established experts in various fields, and regularly collaborates with national structures such as consultancy firms and NGOs.


Iram implements development actions in each of its different fields of intervention.
In addition to providing technical and methodological support for the contracting authorities and lead actors involved in development actions, Iram develops tools and procedures to:

  • build the capacities of staff, professional managers, local elected officials, etc. who are involved in the action,
  • ensure that the operation ties in with relevant public policies,
  • provide effective monitoring and evaluation systems that are adapted to the themes and specific context of the action, ensure that it is properly managed and fully accountable,
  • establish rigorous financial management by developing professional tools and procedures,
  • build on experiences in order to generate and share knowledge.

Beyond attaining its specific objectives, Iram’s overarching ambition is to help actors achieve the sustainable changes to which they aspire, through processes that actively involve all the stakeholders concerned.