Iram consultancy firm

Iram Development is a commercial consultancy firm that provides international cooperation services and expertise in numerous aspects of rural and local development in the North and South.

Our expertise

Our wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary team of experts includes agronomists, economists, sociologists, business managers and specialists in territorial and institutional development. The network of experts that we can mobilize in the South and North (civil engineers, banking institutions, independent experts, consulting firms, in-country NGOs) enables us to supplement our in-house skills and provide a wide range of services:

Technical and financial partners

  • Public contracting agencies in the South and North
  • Bilateral and multilateral development and cooperation agencies
  • Private enterprises and foundations
  • NGOs and associations
  • Research institutes

Organisational setup

The consulting arm of Iram is made up of three technical departments:

  • Actors, territories and resources
  • Actors, activity systems and value chains
  • Actors, public policies and evaluation

The management team and technical departments are supported by teams providing administrative and financial services, computing support and services relating to communications and proposals.

Figures for Iram Development

  • A simplified single shareholder company created in 2000
  • Capital of € 457, 350
  • Turnover of €6.5 million in 2020
  • Around 40 employees, including about 30 technical experts
  • 2 offices in France, in Montpellier and Paris
  • Interventions in about 40 countries in Africa, Latin America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East