A seminar about "Economic development and social cohesion in the Central African Republic"

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On February the 8th of 2023, Iram together with the NGO Echelle Appui au développement and the University of Bangui organised a one day study session on the theme of "Economic development and social cohesion in the Central African Republic". Sixty participants attended the event at the Galaxy international centre in Bangui.

The aim of the session was to discuss the following issue : in a country fragmented by a succession of conflicts, how can local economic development contribute to rebuilding social ties in rural territories?

The conference provided an opportunity to explore this question in greater depth, drawing lessons from various development initiatives and discussing them with a wide diversity of stakeholders: researchers, development operators, government representatives, civil society representatives, local authorities, financial partners, etc.

The session report (only available in french for now) provides a summary of the day's presentations and discussions. The document follows the day’s work structure:

  • Analysing the historical trajectory of social and economic systems in rural areas
  • Questioning development initiatives and the methodological challenges they pose in terms of economic development and rebuilding/consolidating social links at local level.
  • Analysing the positioning, roles and strategies of the national stakeholders (institutions and donors) and the way in which local experiences can feed the reflexions and practices at national level.
  • Following the conference, Dr Guy-Florent Ankogui-M'Poko, keynote speaker, shared his thoughts and hindsights, which you can read in the final part of the reports.

    Read the proceedings, in French (48 pages).

    Find all the documents relating to this day (presentation materials, programme, preparatory file, etc.) on the website dedicated to local development in the Central African Republic.

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