I Yeko Oko trains young people in management and builds numerous infrastructures

Vie des projets

Implemented since 2019 in the Central African Republic and Cameroon, the I Yeke Oko (IYO) project aims to strengthen local administrations, plan and lead local development in a concerted manner, consolidate social ties and revive the rural economy. Financed by the AFD, this project is carried out by a consortium of 5 international organisations (with the French Red Cross as lead partner) and 5 national organisations.

After a long period of territorial economic planning in consultation with local stakeholders, which led to the development of a communal economic strategy for the 4 communes in which the IYO project operates (Basse Mambere, Ouakanga, Basse Batouri and Basse Boumbé), the projects and priorities arising from these strategies are now being implemented.

Calls for projects aimed at young people to develop agro-pastoral activities were launched and hundreds of applications were received. Around sixty young people (men and women) were selected and are currently undergoing training in the management of an economic activity.

Local economic infrastructures are under construction, including market sheds and a slaughterhouse (at Gamboula, in the commune of Basse Boumbé). Work has also begun on rehabilitating the Bania-Yamalé axis, which is vital for opening up the Basse Mambere Commune and promoting its economic development.

Lastly, as part of the support for local governance and the reinforcement of local authorities’ component, the new Town Hall in the Commune of Ouakanga has been handed over (the old building having been badly damaged in recent crises).

I Yeke Oko is being implemented by a consortium of 5 international organisations (Action contre la Faim, Care, the Norwegian Refugee Council, the French Red Cross and Iram) and 5 national organisations (the Cameroonian NGOs ASAD and SAIMED, the Central African NGO Echelle, the Central African Red Cross, and the Cameroonian Red Cross). Financed by AFD, this €12 million project concerns the Mambéré-Kadeï region in CAR and the Kadéï region in eastern Cameroon, areas affected by population displacement following the crisis in the Central African Republic in 2014.

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