Iram facilitates dialogues between three pastoral areas in Morocco, Tunisia, and France

Vie des projets

From the 15th to the 19th of May 2023, Iram was in Medenine to organise and lead the 2nd meeting between representatives of pastoral territories as part of the PASTOREG initiative, in collaboration with two regional institutions: the Commissariats Régionaux au Développement Agricole of Médenine and Tataouine and the Institut des Régions Arides of Médenine.

This initiative, funded by the  Comité technique Foncier & Développement (Technical committee for land and development) since 2020 and conducted jointly with the french Institute for Research and Development (IRD), aims to stimulate reflection and political dialogue between three pastoral areas (the Drâa-Tafilalet region in Morocco, the Medenine and Tataouine Governorate in Tunisia and the Alpine pastures of Isère in France) on the issue of pastoral regulation in the current context of climate change.

A first meeting was organised in Ouarzazate in March 2021, with the aim of starting exchanges and dialogue between stakeholders from the 3 territories.

This 2nd meeting was an opportunity for representatives of technical organisations, livestock breeders and elected representatives from the Fédération des Alpages de l'Isère (France), the ORMVAO (Morocco) and the CRDAs of Médenine and Tataouine, as well as the DGFIOP (Tunisia), to meet and discuss the effects of the drought on pastoral livestock breeding, a particularly acute concern in the three territories, as well as on the issue of regulating access to collective landholding, which is central to the question of adapting resource users in the current context.

Discussions and the sharing of experiences were deepened during meetings organised with the Agricultural Development Groups and Management councils for collective pastoral land use in the governorates of Medenine and Tataouine.

The week ended with a workshop during which stakeholders from the 3 areas reaffirmed their desire to continue the work they had begun through activities focusing on actions to meet expectations in the field and implement the collective decisions.

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