Iram supports Niger's local dairy Value chain for a further 3 years!

Vie des projets

AFD and the Monegasque Cooperation have granted Iram a 3 year fund to support the development of the local milk sector on the outskirts of Niamey for a further 3 years. This new phase of the Nariindu project has started on the 1st of June 2023.

Since 2008, Iram and its partner, the Nigerien NGO Karkara, have been working alongside local dairy industry operators in the Tillabéry region to structure the sector, and supply consumers in Niamey with quality dairy products as an alternative to reconstituted products from milk powder.

The previous phases of the Nariindu project have enabled the model of a multi-service farmers' collection centre to be developed, partnerships with downstream industries to be forged, farmers to collectively organise. This has contributed to increase and stabilise the supply of local milk. However, the acute multi-factorial crisis (Covid, insecurity) of recent years has questioned some of these achievements.  It is now necessary to consolidate stable milk production to supply collection centres and ensure the incomes of small-scale producers.

It will also mean stepping up efforts to secure the long-term future of the centres, particularly in terms of management and governance.

This new phase will also aim to strengthen the distribution networks in the city and increase the visibility of dairy traditional products to guarantee their availability in Niamey.

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