Nariindu: launch of a new phase of the project promoting local milk in Niger

Vie des projets

A third phase of the Nariindu project, aimed at promoting local milk in Niger, started in February 2020 for 3 years.

Funded by DCI (€ 300,000), AFD (€ 285,000) and the Fondation de France via CFSI (€ 50,000), this project aims to strengthen the actors of the milk sector in the peri-urban areas of Niamey, so as to ensure the marketing and promotion of local milk, for the benefit of small peri-urban breeders. Livestock farming in Niger is a major issue in terms of employment, rural household income and food security. Due to urban population growth, consumer demand for milk is constantly increasing, but it is mainly met by imports. Nevertheless, there are real opportunities to develop the local milk sector and support the breeders around Niamey.

Since 2012, Iram and Karkara have supported the establishment of collection centers for raw milk, run by producer organizations, which offer services to breeders and guarantee the supply to processing units in Niamey. With the support of the Nariindu project, the challenge for breeders and their collection centers today is to diversify and secure their sales. At the end of the 3 years of this third phase, the three collection centers aim to sell 2,800 liters / day on average and secure the income of member breeders.

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