RIMRAP Copco: Training in conflict prevention and management

Vie des projets

As part of the European Union-funded RIMRAP Copco project, a training course for rural stakeholders in the prevention and management of agro-sylvo-pastoral and water conflicts was held in Sélibabi (Mauritania) from the 21st to 25th of February.

The purpose of the five-day meeting was twofold. The first was to enable stakeholders from riparian areas to discuss the nature of the agro-sylvo-pastoral and hydraulic disputes they encounter, in relation to the texts and the development and management measures that can prevent them. The second objective was to train six facilitator-trainers, so that they could independently run the module in other areas of the four wilayas covered by COPCO.

The module includes a legal component, to introduce local stakeholders to the legislation governing the management of these resources. It also contains elements relating to the practice of mediation in the event of conflict. Throughout the course of the module, each participant was invited to question his/her practices in relation to his/her own share of responsibility in conflict management, in order to propose a specific roadmap for improving his/her practice in the prevention and management of agro-sylvo-pastoral conflicts.

A brochure (French) presenting this approach has been produced. You can also read an article here (in French) to find out more about this training course. You can also find out more about the RIMRAP Copco project here.

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